Our Educators

In ‘Educators, Belonging, Being, Becoming.  Educators Guide to the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia’, the  role  of the educator and the  framework to  support them is discussed.  We have further developed the concepts behind Belonging, Being and Becoming as they  relate to the educators in our centres.
Heart -  ’Belonging’ This relates to connections and relationships with  children and families as well as other educators and professionals from other disciplines, participation in professional organisations and networks, and community involvement.Our focus is on building a trusting and caring relationship with your child and entering into a partnership with you. 
Mind - ’Being’ Individuals and groups bring a unique collection of beliefs, values, interests, knowledge, experience and perspectives to planning, practice and relationships.  Learning and reflecting increase professional knowledge and improve skills and practices, leading to confident happy educators who can bring extra passion to their role of educating children. We therefore encourage ongoing professional development for all our educators to increase their knowledge of both child development and of the many ways to enrich children’s lives through education.
Body - ‘Becoming’ Nurturing our educators is very important as it leads not only to happier educators who will stay with us for longer but also to more sustained trusting relationships between families and educators.    Consistency of care is important as it promotes attachments for children.  Awareness of personal health promotes a more relaxed and energetic team of educators.  Planned breaks, respectful interactions and good team building opportunities promote job satisfaction and help to reduce stress levels for team members.