“The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences.” – Maria Montessori

Learning happens from the beginning of life.  This is encouraged through joyous interactions with those around us.

At NSW Montessori  Schools we take great pleasure in providing boutique, family run centres offering exceptional education and care to children in ‘Under 3’s’ and from 2 –  6 years. Each day children are cared for by outstanding educators in warm, welcoming Montessori environments which are specifically designed for children of this age.  Your child’s happiness and development are our priorities.​

Montessori is known to provide an education which teaches children life skills and independence while offering enriched movement, language and mathematical concepts. At NSW Montessori Schools our program addresses all aspects of their being, including the heart, mind and body.  Our focus is on building a trusting and caring relationship with your child and entering into a partnership with you.


“Peace Love Truth”

NSW Montessori Schools philosophy is based on the development of the whole child – including heart, mind and body. We believe in holistic education in an integrated, secure and inclusive environment where all children are treated with respect and have access to learning materials at all times.  

Embedded within our Montessori curriculum are enrichment programs designed to help your child reach their full potential. The curriculum is delivered by a team of highly skilled and experienced educators who are aware of the importance of play, are energetic, resourceful and make your child’s happiness and development their priority. 


We value relationships and work with the internal drives of your child

At NSW Montessori Schools we develop close relationships with each child in our care as they explore the world around them. We understand the importance of forming these attachments for the development of trust, resilience, self regulation, confidence and independence.  Montessori  talks about  children’s growth and development  as needs -   called human tendencies or drives .   These are Exploration, Orientation, Order,  Manipulation, Repetition, Work,  Precision, Perfection,  Communication, Imagination and Abstraction.  Development across all of these  areas ensures  your child’s ability to grow and learn in a balanced and natural way.




Manipulation of Objects





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